If you are still using your debit card number as your login please call the office and we will give you your correct online login number.

At the Earl Grey Credit Union your online security is a top priority.  Therefore, November 18th we will be implementing a new layer of security to the way that you login to your online banking called 2 Step Verification.

What is 2 Step Verification?

2 Step Verification is used to confirm your identity by sending you a code via SMS or email that you must enter before continuing into your online banking.

What are the steps to setup 2 Step Verification?

  1. Login to your online banking. The login screen will look a little different.
  2. Complete the Enable 2 Step Verification enrolment screen when prompted.
  3. Enter your preferred email address or mobile phone number to receive your verification code. If available, we recommend that you use a mobile phone number as it is considered the most secure way.
  4. Enter the verification code sent to you.

You will be provided with a short grace period after we launch 2 Step Verification where you will be able to defer enrolment.  After the grace period it will become mandatory.

Note:  If you have Touch/Face ID or QuickView enabled then you will need to reconfigure these settings after setting up 2 Step Verification.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Will I get prompted for a verification code every time I login?

No. You will not be required to enter a code every time you login, but will be prompted during higher risk logins (ie a login from a different location).

Can I register both SMS and email for 2 Step Verification?

Yes.  During the initial enrollment you can register only one, but once you are enrolled you can add or change your contact information.  This can be done by going to the Profiles and Preferences screen.

Is 2 Step Verification more secure than the challenge questions?

Yes.  The challenge questions can become less effective over time as fraudsters often know how to find the answers to them.  Also, the verification codes are only valid for 10 minutes.

Donation to Earl Grey First Responders

For the second year in a row the Covid 19 Pandemic has forced us to make the decision not to host an Open House to celebrate Credit Union Day which is October 21.

In lieu of an Open House the Earl Grey Credit Union has made a $250.00 donation to the Earl Grey First Responders for the purchase of “Kits” for their two new members. The First Responders rely completely on donations to purchase the equipment they need to provide their volunteer services for our community.

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