On June 16th a celebration of the 65th Anniversary of the Earl Grey Credit was held in the Earl Grey Park.

The following are the welcome remarks provided by the President of the Earl Grey Credit Union Board of Directors.

65 years is a long time. The organization meeting to form Earl Grey Credit Union was held on December 15, 1953 with nineteen local people attending.

The job of a credit union board director has changed over the 65 years but the basics are still the same our job is to:

1.       Lead

2.       Decide

3.       Communicate

4.       Learn

I want to focus on to Communicate. You would think with all of the ways we have today to communicate compared to 65 years ago, (when we did not even have phones in our homes - now we have one in our pocket). Communicating should be easier than ever. But it isn’t. That is why days like this are so important. Important for members and the community to know that we are here and we are strong. And that we appreciate your support.

It is an honor and a privilege to serve on the Credit Union Board. There are many benefits: comradery with like-minded individuals, and learning, there are education and training opportunities, both formal and informally learning from each other. Different people bring different perspectives and ideas to the table - you can learn a lot from each other.

The Board’s major responsibility is Strategic Planning. To set short term and long term goals for the Credit Union. We ask ourselves where are we now and where to do we want to go from here? Can we see what is ahead in another 65 years, no. But we can plan for the next 3 years, and probably the next 5 years. As a board, we feel that we must be guided in this planning by our Credit Union Vision, Growing Forward Together.

Growing Forward Together may seem like just another catch phrase. But it really does define who we are and what we do. If you remember anything from today please remember that we are Growing Forward Together.   We’ve grown from 10 Chartered members to 886 members. We have grown from Assets of $10 Thousand to $33 Million. Moving forward from adding machines and typewriters to computers and banking from your cell phone. Together is very important, we exist because of the services we can provide to members and the benefits we can provide to the community. We are proud to be a local employer. The Community donations we are providing today reflect how growing forward together benefits everyone. Our Credit Union donations don’t stop on days like today.

Over 65 years, 66 people have served on the EGCU Board. Being a Board member is a privilege and an honor. And it is the responsibility of the members and the membership to nominate and serve by being on the Board. Since I have been on the Board (16 years) the Board members have led and made decisions by being pro-active, willing to learn, and giving of their individual talents. Thinking not that we cannot but that we can, and it shows in our resiliency, strong audit results and our reputation in the Credit Union system.

Earl Grey Credit Union’s future (the only current major risk) depends on members coming forward and willing to be on our board. We are a strong in every other aspect. Contact a current board member, Nicole Becker, Dawn Butz, Doug Gilman, Ivy Kiel, Debbie Kothlow, Mitchell Nixon and Nadene Perry.

On behalf of all members, I want thank the past and present managers and staff for their service to our members.

Thank you to the organizing committee for this 65th Anniversary Celebration. The committee consisted of Nicole Becker, Lynnette Houston, Ivy Kiel, Tiffany McDougall, Leila Mohr, Mitchell Nixon.

Every one enjoyed the day. We will continue Growing Forward Together!

~ Nadene Perry65th