COVID June 1

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The new Canada Emergency Business Account (CEBA), which was announced by the Government of Canada on March 27th, 2020 will provide up to $40,000 to small businesses and not-for-profits as an interest-free loan. The intention of this loan is to help cover operating costs during a period where revenue could be reduced.

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March 20 - Earl Grey Credit Union response to COVID-19

Message from Lynnette Houston, General Manager

We are here for you

First and foremost, the health, safety and well-being of our employees, members and communities remains our primary focus. We are here to ensure you continue to have ways to access services as easily and safely as possible.

Thank you for your patience during this rapidly evolving COVID-19 situation and rest assured, we’ll continue to monitor this outbreak and its effects very closely and provide you with updates thru our website. In the meantime if you have any questions or concerns please give our office a call at  306-939-2100 or 1-866-374-5005.

Effective March 19 we made a change to the way we work in the interest of public health, to protect staff, members and the wider community. We will operate behind locked doors with business operating as usual.

To conduct your business please take advantage of our online banking services; night depository; use ATM’s if you need cash, and of course phone. If you’re not already banking with us digitally, we wanted to remind you of our digital home banking services that gives you the ability to bank from home 24/7. If you need loan services please call our office, as most if not all, loan services will be provided by phone.

Loan Relief Options

During these uncertain times, we understand the worry our members may be feeling due to COVID-19, especially as it relates to your money. If you're facing financial challenges as a result of COVID-19 we're here to help. We have launched a financial assistance program for our members by offering loan payment relief. Please call our loan personnel to talk about personalized solutions and financial support. We’re here to help you manage the specific challenges you may be facing due to COVID-19. Here are some of the ways we can help:   

Personal Mortgages & Loans

We can work with you to defer monthly payments on your conventional and insured mortgages, and non-mortgage loans.

Commercial and Agricultural Mortgages & Loans

Your businesses are unique and your challenges may be complex. We can help assess your situation, and determine the best options to provide some relief including, working with you to defer payments or to create a payment plan to help your business navigate the economic downturn.  

This relief extends to personal members, small business members, commercial members,  and agricultural members in good standing who are feeling a financial impact due to COVID-19 and are looking for a temporary relief from mortgage and loan payments. There are many other options that can be explored. Please reach out to us directly to talk about financial solutions for your individual situation.   

To participate in these supports and programs contact our loans personnel at 306-939-2100 or 1-866-374-5005. We ask for your patience but rest assured we will help you through this uncertain time.

If you like to keep updated on the coronavirus, we recommend the following sites. They’re reliable and trustworthy: 

Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC)
Government of Saskatchewan
World Health Organization (WHO)