Reduce Your Monthly Service Fees:

All of the following transactions are Service Charge Free:

  • Transfers between accounts (In Branch; On Line Banking or by calling our office)
  • In Branch Cash Withdrawals
  • All Deposits ( In Branch; Automatic; E Transfer; Night Depository; Mail)
  • Account Balance provided by phone

Here are a few ways you can minimize the service fees that are effective August 1, 2020 on your account:

Plan 24 Savings Account:

Members who have been using Plan 24 Savings accounts to process their day to day transactions, and not as a Savings account, will want to use a chequing account to save on service charge fees. Debit transactions for Plan 24 as of August 1 are $1.50 each with no Maximum Dollar on Monthly Service Charges


Transfer funds from your Plan 24 Savings to your chequing account to make purchases using your MEMBER CARD® debit card or make a bill payment. The transfer made by you to the chequing account using On Line Banking; in branch or by phone will be service charge free and the purchase transaction or bill payment transaction from the chequing account has a service charge of $0.50.

Personal and Business Chequing Accounts:

Instead of using your
MEMBER CARD® debit card for day to day purchases, which has a $0.50 per transaction service fee, use your credit card that does not charge you a per transaction fee and perhaps the credit card is collecting reward points. Make one monthly lump bill payment from your credit union account to your credit card for all of the individual day to day credit card purchases made during the month.

Service Fees on bill payment transactions completed electronically are considerably lower than service fees on the same transactions carried out in-branch. Ask our staff to show you how the convenience of electronic bill payments help you save time and money. The service fee for a bill payment to the credit card that is made thru On Line Banking is $0.50 per transaction. If the bill payment is done with staff assistance in branch a fee of $1.50 is charged.

Bill Payments: Set regular monthly bill payments
(i.e. monthly telephone bills; etc.) on your credit card and then make one lump sum monthly bill payment for these transactions using On Line Banking. This would be a service fee of $0.50 for the lump sum bill payment transaction versus paying a service fee of $0.50 for each separate bill payment transaction processed to your account.

We encourage you to use your Earl Grey Credit Union
Collabria® MasterCard Credit Card to make your day to day purchases and bill payments to collect reward points. This credit card will in the background pay revenues to the credit union at no extra cost to you. If you do not have an Earl Grey Credit Union Collabria® MasterCard Credit Card, please call Leila or Kathy at 306-939-2100 to apply for this card.

Here are a few ways you can minimize the other applicable fees:

Instead of using an ATM ask the retailer for "Cash back"
when making a purchase using your MEMBER CARD® debit card. The cash you receive from the participating retailer will automatically be added to your purchase and be debited directly from your account. It saves you money and a trip to the ATM. The debit card transaction has a service charge fee of $0.50 compared to $1.00 if using a Sask Credit Union ATM or $1.50 if using a Bank ATM.

E Transfers Send Transactions have a fee of $1.50 per transaction: If the recipient of your ETransfer is a member of the Earl Grey Credit Union & you are making regular Etransfers to this individual (i.e. Daughter, Son, parents, landlord, etc.) call our office and we can set up the ability for you to transfer funds to this individual free through On Line Banking. You can make these transfers at your convenience free of any service charge. Alternatively, you can make the transfer service charge free with the assistance of one of our staff in branch or over the phone.