Effective August 1, 2020


For detail listing of service charges and other applicable charges please review the Service Charge Brochure enclosed with your June Month end Account Statement or visit our website.

It has been several years since our service charges have increased while all of our operating costs to provide service have been steadily increasing, especially in the past few months.

Chequing Accounts Maximum Monthly Service Charge has remained at $12.00.

Most notable service charge changes are the introduction of $.50 per electronic debit chequing account transaction which includes several types of transactions.

Also there is a charge of $1.50 per eTransfer send transaction. Like fees for ATM cash withdrawals the charge for the eTransfer Send transaction is charged at the time of the transaction and is not included in Service Charge Fees Monthly Maximums.

All In Branch Deposit and Cash Withdrawal transactions remain service charge free.

We listened to those of you who use their Plan 24 Savings for savings only and have removed the $2.00 per month Maintenance Fee and have moved to “Pay as You Go” Service Charge fees for Plan 24.

Members who have been using Plan 24 Savings accounts to process their day to day transactions, and not as a Savings account, will want to use a chequing account for day to day transactions to save service charge fees. Debit transactions for Plan 24 as of August 1 are $1.50 each with no Maximum Monthly Service Charge.

Reduce Your Monthly Service Fees- Here are a few ways you can minimize the fees you pay on your account:

Use Electronic Services
Fees on transactions completed electronically are considerably lower than fees on the same transactions carried out in-branch. Ask our staff to show you how the convenience of electronic bill payments and debit card payments can help you save time and money.

Make one monthly payment on your credit card. If you use a credit card for day to day purchases make one monthly lump payment to your credit card for all of the individual credit card purchases made during the month.

Ask For "Cash back"
Next time you pay for a purchase using Direct Payment with your MEMBER CARD® debit card, ask the retailers for "Cashback". The cash you receive from the participating retailer will automatically be added to your purchase and be debited directly from your account. It saves you money and a trip to the ATM.