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The GLOBAL PAYMENT™ Mastercard card offers you the convenience, flexibility and worldwide global acceptance of a traditional Mastercard® credit card.  GLOBAL PAYMENT™ Mastercard can be used anywhere Mastercard® is accepted including shopping online and accessing cash at an ATM. But, unlike the traditional Mastercard® credit card, the funds are automatically moved from your credit union account to pay off the balance after the transaction is completed.  

GLOBAL PAYMENT™ Mastercard is a convenient extension of your account and is only available through your credit union.

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Other Features for purchases with your Global Payment™ Mastercard®:
  • 90 day Purchase Protection – protection against theft and damage on most items
  • Extended Warranty – The original manufacturer's warranty is automatically extended for up to two additional years on most items
  • $1000 Accidental Death Insurance
  • Common Carrier Travel Accident Insurance – up to $100,000 coverage when your ticket is purchased with your Mastercard®
  • Baggage Delay – Up to $300 for expenses for emergency purchase of essential items when baggage is delayed or misdirected for over 24 hours.

Looking for a SecureCode?

Added protection that keeps transactions private, Mastercard SecureCode® is a confidential code for your Mastercard® account that you can use when you are shopping online. Only you know what your code is, and online retailers are not able to see it so you can trust that your transactions get independent approval every time.

For more information about Mastercard SecureCode®, click here.