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Earl Grey Credit Union has joined the Canadian National Credit Union contractual partnership with Collabria to provide our members with a Mastercard® credit card as a service and benefit to your relationship with us. Each card in the Collabria suite has great features, benefits, annual fees, Interest rates, including some cards that feature the FlexRewards Program and a wide range of insurance benefits. Collabria also provides added benefits available to cardholders at no additional cost, such as round the clock fraud monitoring and protection services, Zero Liability fraud protection, fraud text alerts and 24/7 online account access online through MyCardInfo. https://earlgreycreditunion.mycardinfo.com/

The Mastercard® products that feature the FlexRewards earn reward points and there are thousands of options to choose from when redeeming your points from cash back, Merchandise and Gift Cards to Travel.

MyCardInfo is Collabria’s online account management tool where you can access account information 24/7. You can register for a MyCardInfo account for free as a Collabria cardholder. With MyCardInfo, you can check current balances, review recent activities, verify the last payment made, make payments, view eStatements, redeem Rewards and more.

Collabria receives and processes your card payments and manages collections on delinquent accounts. You can mail your payment, make an electronic payment online through MyCardInfo, phone or visit our branch.

Please call to make an appointment with Leila or Kathy to assist you with the application process or go online at https://www.collabriacreditcards.ca/affiliate_earl-grey-credit-union/cards/default.aspx to order your new card today!

All card inquiries can be made at https://earlgreycreditunion.mycardinfo.com/ or Canada & US 1-855-341-4643 or International Collect 1-647-252-9564.

Collabria Response to COVID 19 - Financial Relief Measures:


Emergency Temporary Credit Limit Increases

  • Emergency credit limit increases to cover airfare, car rentals, food, shelter, medical supplies, medications and other expenses.
    • Audience: All cardholders who are currently outside of Canada and are actively working to return to Canada
      • Effective: March 25, 2020


Increased Contactless Transaction Limits of $250

  • Increase in maximum contactless transaction limits to $250 across all merchant categories
    • Audience: All cardholders
      • Effective: March 25, 2020


Minimum Payment Deferral

  • Deferral of Minimum Payments and the Promotional Interest Rate bundle will be approved for up to 3 months at a time. Cardholders can call in after 3 months and can be extended to 6 months, if needed.
    • Audience: Cardholders impacted by COVID-19
      • Effective: March 25, 2020


Reduced Interest Rate of 10.9%

  • Cardholders will have their interest rate reduced to 10.9% for up to 6 months when cardholders contact Collabria and request financial relief due to COVID-19 impacts.
    • Audience: Cardholders impacted by COVID-19
      • Effective: April 13, 2020

Note: Reduced Interest Rate and Minimum Payment Deferrals are provided as a bundled relief measure to cardholders



Balance Transfers

  • Provides Cardholders the ability to consolidate higher interest rate loans and credit card balances
    • 1) Low Rate Product Acquisition Program: 3.9% balance transfer for 6 months on new accounts.
      • Audience: New Centra, Classic and Student account
        • Effective: February 1 - April 30, 2020
    • 2) 5.9% Balance Transfers for a period of 6 months for all cardholders
      • Audience: All existing and new accounts (business & personal)
        • Effective: May 1 - July 31, 2020

For further information, please visit: collabriafinancial.ca or Call the Cardholder Services Contact Centre at: 1.855.341.4643.