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Your MemberCard® Debit Card gives you access to your account virtually anywhere in the world.  

A MemberCard® Debit Card gives you access to your accounts through ATMs worldwide that display the symbols shown below, or ding free® at credit union ATMs across Canada. There is no annual fee for this card.

You can also make purchases at retail locations in Canada that display the Interac® Direct Payment sign or Maestro® Payment sign. Transactions are debited out of your Earl Grey Credit Union account immediately.

To gain access to your account at an ATM, you will need a PIN (Personal Identification Number), which gives you added security if your card is lost or stolen.

MemberCard® Debit Cards now have new Flash technology! To learn more about Interac Flash Services, click here.


What is a Chip Card?

A chip card is a credit or debit card containing an embedded computer chip that to ensures a highly secure transaction.  The computer chip makes cards more difficult to copy, therefore reducing fraud. 

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ACCULINK® – network of credit union ATMs in Canada                                                                    
Cirrus® – network of ATMs outside of Canada
Interac® – network of ATMs and direct payment merchant locations within Canada
Interac Flash® - a quick and easy way to pay for small everyday purchases quickly and securely without having to swipe or insert your Client Card
Maestro® – network of direct payment merchant locations outside Canada

Ordering a debit card
We would be happy to order you a debit card, just stop by the branch and fill out a form!  

MemberCard® Buyer Protection

Imagine this - You come home after a long day of shopping for that perfect Christmas or birthday gift, dealing with long line ups and crowded parking lots, only to drop it on the floor while wrapping it. 

DON'T PANIC!  We've got you covered!

When you use your Earl Grey Credit Union debit card for a purchase, you're protected with the following benefits:
     Buyer Protection - for a full 120 days after the purchase, the item is protected if it's stolen, dropped and broken or even consumed in a fire!  Making a purchase with a cheque? No problem! As long as the cheque is drawn on your insured account, you receive the same protection for your purchase!
     Extended Warranty - the program doubles the warranty period of a purchased item up to two years, as long as the manufacturer's warranty is valid in Canada for five years or less.

Click here to view your MemberCard® Buyer Protection Certificate.

Making a Claim:
Be sure to always keep a copy of your transaction record, receipt, and (for warranty claims) the manufacturer's warranty.
Then, to make the claim, simply call 1-800-263-9120, ext 605800 and a Claims Representative will assist you!

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