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About Us
Earl Grey Credit Union has always been committed to socially responsible leadership maintaining a long standing commitment to improving the well-being of our community beyond the financial and economic role that financial institutions play. The Earl Grey Credit Union annual budget includes provision for a donations budget of 5% of budgeted net income. The following list is not a complete list, but rather just some examples of community events, organizations and charities supported by the Earl Grey Credit Union Limited:

·                    Earl Grey Fire Volunteer Department

·                    Robert Southey High School Grade Twelve Scholarship - $750.00

·                    Co-operative Development Foundation of Canada

·                    Eddy Golf Club

·                    Earl Grey Ball Park

·                    Earl Grey Community Hall

·           Earl Grey Community Curling and Skating Rink
·           Earl Grey Parkland Regional Library

·                    Last Mountain District Music Festival

·                    Southey Community Rink

·                    Snow Leopard’s Snowmobile Races

·                    Legion Remembrance Day

·                    Loon Creek Wildlife Federation

·                    Duval Optimist Club

·                    Cupar and District Nursing Home

·                    Robert Southey School S.A.D.D. Chapter

·                    The Hospital Activity Book for Children partners with Make a Wish

If community investment funding is the fuel that helps Earl Grey Credit Union Limited support and sustain the community then our employees and board of directors, who volunteer in the community, are the heart and soul that give meaning and substance to our community investment activities. They spend several hours of personal time to support community based initiatives.