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Block with a Button.

Now you can lock or block your MemberCard® Debit Card debit card anytime, anywhere.

Lock’N’Block™ is a new, first of its kind, card block service; it’s quick, easy, and convenient – whether your card has been lost or stolen, you can rely on Lock’N’Block to protect you from fraud with the click of a button.

To access Lock'N'Block® through online banking
  • Log in to online banking
  • Click Account Services > Lock'N'Block®
  • Select the card and toggle to either ‘lock’ or ‘unlock’.
  • That’s it!

Benefits for you
• It’s quick, easy, and convenient.
• Protects you from occurrences of fraud.
• Empowers you to control access to your MemberCard® Debit Card anytime, anywhere.
• Provides peace of mind when your MemberCard® Debit Card is missing.